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COVID Notice



In order to comply with regional policy and in the interest of public health, some butterfly exhibits will face the decision to shut their doors temoprarily during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you must close, it is extremely important that exhibits continue to pay for butterfly shipments, whether the shipments are recieved or not.

The incredible investment necessary to fulfill exhibits’ orders has already been made.

Hostplants used to feed caterpillars were started months ago and caterpillars have already been maturing based on the orders placed for pupae. In many cases, pupae shipped must be 2nd or 3rd generation, which means the investment for breeders is tremendous.

To cancel a shipment after the labor and other investments have been made is to deny suppliers payment after they have already done the work that was commissioned of them.

Pupae are living organisms with a finite lifespan. The vast majority of pupae that are reared to be shipped cannot be placed back into the colonies. As a result, they cannont simply be stored on the shelf, waiting for the pandemic to end.

Any mass cancellation of shipments (or, specifically, cancellation of payments for orders already placed), will cause many of the breeders and suppliers to suffer too great a loss to maintain operation.

If breeders and suppliers are expected to have butterflies available when the pandemic is over and exhibits are reopening, the orders alread in-place must continue to be honored.

Understandably, without visitors, exhibits will suffer siginificant financial hardships, as well. But if butterfly farms are not sustained through this challenge, then the temporary exhibit closings may likely become permanent due to lack of supply.

If at all possible, please continue to pay for the orders already placed. Please keep the butterfly exhibit industry, that we all love so dearly, alive by making sure that those who produce our butterflies are able to weather this storm.