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Message from the President

Message from the President

Dear members of IABES,

A few years ago, we faced the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic both as an industry, community and individuals.  That experience had a profound and lasting impact on all of us, and for some more than most. We saw the closing of some exhibits, and the struggle for breeders and exhibitors to maintain their staff, butterflies and way of life. Thanks to the visionary leadership of the IABES Board of Director’s during those difficult times the Association remained true to its mission, supporting our members, while creating a strong strategic plan with an eye to the future.

Since then, there have been two successful International Conferences, providing important resources, addressing industry concerns, while also reminding us of the educational, environmental and cultural value of our mission and community.  It is always inspiring to see our colleagues and share this time together. This year we are very excited to have the International Conference hosted by Entopia, the incredible educational institution in Penang, Malaysia. It promises to be packed with information, resources, education, industry panels and more. Please look at our Conference page for information.

We have also recently upgraded the IABES website, an important tool for any organization especially and international one   This tool will build our online community, increase member information and resources, forums, advertising platforms, exclusive membership section, language availability, social media postings and links, conference and event registration and more. As with any updates there are bound to be a few ‘growing pains’ so please contact us if you have any questions.

There are new challenges today as we continue to deal with logistics, operational costs, and climate change. As an international association, we will continue to work together, grow as a community, and stay true to our mission.

Thank you all for what you do!

Hope to see you in Penang,