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IABES Membership


IABES is committed to supporting and promoting the entire butterfly exhibition industry and the conservation of the wild butterfly populations and their natural habitats that make our industry possible.

Membership with IABES puts you and your facility on the map and gives you access to countless resources and connections around the world. And every membership helps the conservation of natural butterfly ecosystems as well as the Association’s efforts to improve and promote the butterfly exhibition industry. Members receive all of the following benefits and much, much more!!



Membership fees contribute directly to the conservation of wild butterflies and their natural habitats; and indirectly by allowing IABES the financial support to promote public education and awareness by connecting, supporting, and promoting butterfly exhibitors and farmers.

Public Education

IABES encourages members to make efforts toward the education of the public on conservation issues facing butterfly populations and their natural habitats around the world. IABES also applies pressure on entities that are not committed to public education to adopt such a commitment.

Operational Training

IABES members include some of the largest, oldest, most experienced, and most successful exhibits, breeders, and consultants in the industry. There is no better place to acquire operational training and support for a butterfly exhibit or farm – new or established.


IABES provides a forum for breeders to connect with exhibitors, as well as exhibitors with other exhibitors and breeders with other breeders. And IABES members include entities new to the industry as well as those with extensive experience. These connections may help to support and grow a member’s operation no matter if they are a breeder, exhibitor, consultant, or researcher.


The International Conference of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers (ICBES) offers members a unique opportunity to experience the operations of other members around the globe, rotating each year from America to Europe to the tropics. In addition, the sessions and discussion offered are extensive and specific to butterfly exhibition, farming, and conservation.


IABES assists its members with political and social challenges by assisting in communication with government entities and other organizations as a representative for the entire butterfly exhibition industry. In addition, IABES applies pressure on regulating bodies to develop proper regulations that will require butterfly breeding operations to be sustainable and prevent butterfly exhibitions from endangering their native ecosystems.


IABES offers financial support to research projects focused on conserving wild butterfly populations and their natural habitats. This includes projects that help to make butterfly breeding and exhibition operations more sustainable by studying their impact on wild populations; and projects that are not directly related to butterfly breeding or exhibition.


IABES is an organization dedicated to the conservation of wild butterfly populations and their natural habitats. Its members adhere to strict ethical guidelines covering the breeding, trade, and exhibition of butterflies. Therefore IABES membership carries with it an international reputation for being a conservation-focused, ethical, and sustainable operation.