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IABES Conference 2016 in Arizona 

IABES Conference 2016 in Arizona 

ICBES 2016 was a huge success! Eight countries were represented by over 130 delegates, over 30 of who are IABES members. Hussein, from Kipepeo in Kenya, attended and for the first time discussed face-to-face with Rich Cowan of LPS and Wayne Wehling of the USDA the issues facing transportation of butterflies between Africa and the US. A resolution may be on the horizon! The brand new IABES website was announced and went live! Two keynote speakers, one monarch expert, one Homerus expert, taught us all about these incredible and threatened species and what we can do to help. Separate meetings of IABES delegates and IABES Board of Directors made extensive progress on the conservation efforts of our Association. A field trip to Butterfly Wonderland allowed members to see one of the newest and largest butterfly exhibits in the United States – absolutely spectacular! Over 35 presentations, workshops, and roundtables covered all topics from invertebrate husbandry, to education techniques, to marketing and advertising methods, to butterfly exhibit best practices, and even how to cook and eat insects! And everyone was fully immersed in the incredibly unique and fascinating desert ecosystems of the American Southwest, where over 10 species of native butterflies were seen.

Watch for the next issue of Flutterings for more detailed updates. And check the website often for new postings from the conference.

Countries: Kenya, US, New Zealand, Canada, Jamaica, Italy, Costa Rica, Netherlands

Butterfly Wonderland 01 - IABES 2024