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Conservation Cycle - IABES 2024
Mission Statement

Protecting wild butterflies and their habitats by promoting sustainable butterfly exhibits and their suppliers; and supporting conservation, research and (public) education."

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Who We Are

The International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers is the only organization in the world specifically focused on butterfly exhibition and breeding – no other organization brings together more butterfly exhibitors and breeders. Our focus and goal is to protect butterflies in the wild and their natural habitats because without healthy, tropical ecosystems in which butterflies thrive, butterfly exhibition could not exist.

IABES does this through direct financial support for conservation and research efforts whose purpose is to protect wild butterfly populations and their natural habitats. Funding for such efforts is acquired through support from butterfly exhibitors, farmers, and other interested entities in the form of membership and/or direct contribution. And IABES encourages and advises all members to operate in the most sustainable way possible, to ensure the protection of wild butterfly populations and their natural habitats; which will in turn ensure the survival of the butterfly exhibition industry.

In addition, IABES promotes public education and awareness related to wild butterfly populations and their natural habitats by supporting the greatest modern medium for such education: the butterfly exhibition industry. The focus of said support is to encourage and advise all members to offer effective education to all visitors; and to ensure the business and economic success of members, and the butterfly exhibition industry as a whole, by acting as a conduit for communication between members, researchers, media, and regulatory bodies.

Below is a diagram depicting the relationship of butterfly exhibitors and breeders to butterflies’ natural habitat; and the way in which IABES supports all facets of the cycle.

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