International Conference of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers 

The International Association of Butterfly Exhibitors and Suppliers (IABES) encourages member facilities to actively participate in the yearly IABES conferences. At these conferences members can gather to exchange information, coordinate industry problem-solving, and discuss new ideas.

The IABES conference 2018 will be held in Kenya at the beginning of November 2018 - detailed information to follow soon. 
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History of IABES Conferences

 1997   Costa Rica    Hosted by Costa Rica Entomological Supplies
 1998   USA   Hosted by D. Dunwoody, J. Thomas, M. Connelly, M. Weissman and R. Hersterberg in Winterpark, Florida
 1999   South Africa     Hosted by E. van der Westhuizen of Butterfly World
 2000    Malaysia   Hosted by D. Goh, Penang
 2001   Kenya   Cancelled due to the events of September 11th
 2002   Italy   Hosted by E. Moretto and G. Tamino at Butterfly Arc Montegrotto Terme and Bordano Butterfly Village
 2003   Luxemburg   Hosted by E. Hendriks
 2004   England   Hosted by J. Calvert
 2005   Germany   Hosted by Garten der Schmetterlinge, Sayn
 2006   Netherlands   Hosted by C. van der Meer (Vlindertuin Berkenhof), K. Veltman (Artis Zoo Amsterdam), LJ. Nederlof (Rotterdam Zoo)     
 2007   Ecuador   Hosted by Mariposas de Mindo and Heliconius Butterfly Works
 2008   Denmark   Hosted by Sommerfuglepark, Bornholm
 2009   Malaysia   Hosted by Tropical Entomological House and Butterfly House, Penang
 2010   Switzerland   Hosted by Papiliorama Foundation
 2011   Canada   Hosted by Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory
 2012   Italy   Hosted by Butterfly Arc in Montegrotto Terme
 2013   South Africa   Cancelled due to poor global economic condition
 2014   France   Hosted by Martin and Beatrice Bueche of Jardins des Papillons, Hunawihr
 2015   Philippines   Hosted by Elizabeth Heitzmann of Flora Farm
 2016   USA   Hosted by TITAG in conjunction with IECC in Arizona
 2017   Netherlands   Hosted by Rotterdam Zoo and Emmen Zoo
2018   Kenya   Hosted by Kipepeo Butterfly Farm and Mombasa Butterfly House

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